Once God, that Great Being,
Whose nature is Existence, Knowledge and Bliss, slept.
He was like a man in deep sleep
Who is, but does not know that He is.
He had no knowledge of His knowledge nor experience of His bliss.
He was like a still, shorless Ocean which no wind or wave moved upon. 

There was nothing but Him.
There were no stars nor sun nor earth nor anything.
All things were within Him; but since He slept,
They also were asleep, unformed and unmanifest.
All knowledge of Himself and of all things were in Him,
But He did not know that He knew.
Then there surged within Him the desire (Whim) to know:Who He was; 

and He spoke within Himself the First Speech,
"WHO AM I?" And with the utterance of this First Speech
All things in their potentiality came forth from Him.
But all things are Nothing; and so the universe of stars and suns Is nothing. 

Nothing is included in His Everything......
Each thing He brought forth out of Nothing and caused to exist.
He created stone; thought He was stone; lived as stone.
Millions of years, and then said, "Something other am I."

He created vegetation; though He was vegetation; lived as vegetation.
Millions of years, and then said, "Something other am I."
He created in turn worms and reptiles, fishes, birds and animals,
And in turn thought He was, and lived as each, of these.
Then He created Man, and said, "This is sufficient for all My requirements.
I know Myself who I am, because this is in My own Image, Myself."
"You have infused my being
Through and through;
As an intimate friend must
always do.
So when I speak, I speak of only You.
And when silent I yearn for You"
(Rabia Al Adawiyya)

"Whenever you believe you possess security, identify the sources of your confidence.
 They might consist of a comfortable family life, or perhaps in the fact that all is presently going well in general.
If any source changes or be lost, no security exists in them, for there will be worrying sense of a possible upset in your routines.
The only true source of security is in your own oneness with yourself and with The Almighty."