The problem is, we don’t like the obvious samsaric (worldly) pain, but we do like the samsaric glory.
   This samsaric glory, samsaric gain, samsaric beauty which is like time bomb, which will explode       sooner or later. 
         That is what we need to really concentrate and put the lower value, or no value at all.
        Basically it is easier for us to see no value in pain and anxiety. Much more difficult to see no value in samsaric glory.         (Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche) 

"Deep thinking generates knowledge.
Idleness and carelessness generate worry.
Cruelty and arrogance generate resentment.
Worry and grief generate illness....
When you think about something 
and don't let got of it,
Internally you will be distressed,
externally you will be weak.
Do not plan things out in advance
Or else your vitality will cede its dwelling.
In eating, it is best not to fill up;
In thinking, it is best not to overdo.
Limit these to the appropriate degree
And you will naturally reach it [vitality]."